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The relentless, never-ending home chores have taken a toll on our back. With the increasing activities of the household, the stress is also increasing, eventually traveling to our backs. “How to relieve back pain” was the most asked question in Tattva’s reach out to our audience on “What do they want to learn in massage and acupressure techniques?”

When we researched, we found that about 80% of middle-aged experience lower back pains and we immediately set ourselves on a mission to try to solve this for the world – remotely, through our wellness webinar series AnyBody Can Massage.

Now, this pain is not the only cause of jhadoo-pochhaa effect. There are many reasons behind it that we often overlook:

  • Not many of us have a reliable work station setup at home. We are either turning our bedroom space into the work space or the living area our work stop. This results in an inappropriate sitting posture and finally giving stress to our back muscles.
  • Even if our back manages to bear the stress we are giving it through bad sitting posture, the constant movement of work-from-home to work-at-home is not giving us an optimum time to give it a rest.
  • In the wake of staying fit and healthy, we are trying to keep up with our workout routine, and sometimes, we stretch our muscles. Eventually stressing our back muscles.
  • Pregnancy puts a way lot weight on your back.

While there are many tips and exercise you’ll find on the internet to deal with your pains instantly, Tattva Spa is here to guide you on the paracetamol points that our body has, for self-healing.

There are several points on our fingers and our hands and feet that manipulate the pains in our body. Through acupressure we can work on those points and get our body in right shape, health wise. In our previous webinar we have spoken and demonstrated the points that are best answer for “How to curb the pains in upper and lower back”. Couldn’t catch up on the webinar? View the summary and detailed videos on our YouTube channel.

Before you practice these points you must know that these are surely some magic points, but magic takes its own time to work.


Lack of sleep, or shall we say quality sleep, directly affects our body and mind. This could be one big reason for your body to not to be able to recharge itself. In our upcoming webinar AnyBody Can Massage, Episode #4 : Yoga Nidra for Immunity, our experts will talk about how we can relax our mind to put it to sleep.


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