Massage therapy in times of COVID to boost immunity



If you have been looking for an escapade from the chaotic lifestyle that you lead, then there can be nothing better than resorting to healing rituals from the treasure trove of Ayurvedic and regional healing therapies. Indian healing rituals offer modest treatment for the entire body, making it stronger to fight any virus.

How does Spa boost immunity?

A regular workout activity of body like exercise, yoga or massage releases dopamine and endorphins. These chemicals are neurotransmitters i.e. they send messages to other nerve cells of our body, a sense of relaxation and happiness. As a widely known fact, it is the white blood cells that are capable of fighting viruses and infection in our body. Lymphocytes (a subtype of white blood cells) are more active after a regular massage. This happens when massage strokes stimulate circulation, moving congestion out of the body.

Stress is one major element in our lives that compromises our immune system. Hence, pulling down the anxiety level is what massages helps in. Here are some of the unique, exotic Indian therapies and treatments offered by Tattva Spa that will boost the immunity of our body.

Indian Abhyanga

Indian Abhyanga for immunity boosting

With specially crafted traditional Indian techniques by Tattva, you indulge into a tranquil experience. It is an ideal therapy to condense the tautness and body fatigue. Inspired by the ancient Indian Ayurveda, our erudious healers use oils curated with the finest herbs and essentials. Apart from alleviating body pains and sore muscles, Indian Abhyanga also effects the hair growth as it upsurges the flow of blood in your body. The circular clockwise rotations on your muscles help in stimulating good flow of blood and white blood cells. Ultimately leading to a clear lymph fluid flow through vessels filtering the metabolic waste of body.

Signature Tattva Therapy 

Signature Tattva Therapy for immunity boosting

With a curated technique that incorporates yoga stretches along a massage, Tattva has created this Signature wellness service. This unique technique involves both, dry as well as oil based massage that eases muscle tension and energizes the body with acupressure movements and stretching. The deep pressure applied during this massage works effectively on muscles and balances the energy levels of body. Moving your body in general and involving in a physical activity stimulates flow of fluids in our body, giving a boost to our immune system. Yoga stretches, in addition to the massage kindles the vessels removing waste from our system.

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