Wellness getaways – How to plan for a truly relaxing holiday?


Wouldn’t you just love to pack your bags and escape to a relaxing gateway? Where all your worries would temporarily cease to exist and you could be at peace at last! Thankfully, a wellness getaway like this does not require much meticulous planning. All you need to do is get away from the city’s hustle to a destination that has more of a laid-back atmosphere for you to unwind.

And the destination need not be an exotic locale. It can be just a few hours drive away from where you live. Here are some amazing getaway options to choose from for your next holiday.

Getaways from Delhi, Gurgaon

Tattva Spa at Aloha on the Ganges, Rishikesh

With a breathtaking view of the river Ganga, the Aloha by the Ganges resort offers the perfect spiritual escape. The resort organizes daily yoga classes and visits to ashrams and temples with a peaceful atmosphere. You can also unwind yourself at Tattva Spa on the premises which offer Ayurveda inspired spa therapies that help relieve body fatigue along with calming your mind.

Tattva Spa at Sterling Mussoorie

With a picturesque view of Doon valley, Sterling Mussoorie is the perfect holiday getaway if you love hill stations. Sip on a cup of tea on your balcony while marveling at the scenic beauty or head over to the Spa to indulge in professional body massages to alleviate all the stress.

Crowne Plaza Jaipur

This upscale hotel in the pink city of Jaipur has dedicated quiet zone rooms that keep all noisy distractions at bay for ultimate relaxation and mental peace. The Hotel is also equipped with a fitness center, 6 dining options, an infinity pool and the luxurious Tattva Spa offering a variety of wellness treatments making it an ideal place for a staycation.

Getaway from Mumbai

Tattva Spa, Cidade de Goa – IHCL SeleQtions

This luxury beach resort near Panaji, Goa with its laid-back vibes and elegant decor is a great place to sit back and savor the warm, salty air. You can spend your time at the beach enjoying water games or indulge in a spa day at Tattva Spa to pamper yourself with the wide range of massages and wellness treatments on offer.

Getaway from Bangalore

Radisson Blu Plaza, Mysore

This luxury heritage hotel located in the heart of the city is the perfect destination for a family holiday. It offers a stunning view of the Chamundi Hills and is close to all the main tourist attractions in Mysore. Do stop by at Tattva Spa at Radisson Blu Plaza during your stay to unwind in its calming ambiance with holistic spa therapies that will revitalize and recharge your energy levels after a tiring day.

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